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The secret stagiaire: The Pony and Trap

Once you download the diary that you can write in, it will always be at your disposal! The kawaii diary will never give your secrets away. Confide in your new super safe diary and hang out with it every day! Keep your precious moments to yourself with the help of the secret diary with a fingerprint lock for girls! However, this feature can be abused in order to run 64bit code in a 32bit process. Biv which who used it in malware to hide code — such as API call , in our case — to make the analysis harder. Most of the debuggers either run only on 32bit or only on 64bit and, consequently, are not able to follow the transition between 32bit and 64bit.

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  5. Only WinDBG — the 64bit version — can follow it. Moreover, the high number of anti-debug techniques make it hard to patch in order to run it under WinDBG. ScyllaHide [4] is a famous anti-anti-debug plugin for debuggers made for x64dbg. It can also be injected in any process debugged by any debugger. In order to do so, we followed those steps:. Once the Process Hollowing technique has been spotted, it is far easier to stop the debugger on one of the last process hollowing steps and dump memory the main payload from memory.

    The main payload is packed with UPX packer. Using the tool UPX Unpacker 0. A common technique is obfuscating the great part of the malware. This is called Push-Ret technique. It consists of pushing the API function address in the stack and calling the ret instruction , which will jump to the last address in the stack , the pushed API address.

    Pony first dynamically loads a library and uses the Time Checking Anti-Debug technique multiple times to prevent analysis. The Time Checking technique is simply reading the current timestamp at two different points. In this case, it is not entering the Anti-Debug loop. It is trying to gain privileges by adjusting its process token. It is a very common technique based on a Windows Token privileges.

    In our case, it is looking for the SeImpersonatePrivilege privilege. The SEH is a structure that allows the programmers to handle error conditions. It provides a smart way to control the flow and to fool debuggers and disassemblers. It can be achieved in two easy steps:. Once the malware gains privileges, it can basically do whatever it wants. Indeed, this value contains the exact path where the software is installed.

    Right after getting the list of all installed software, it decrypts a series of common passwords [Figure An interesting function table, containing functions, got our interest for a simple reason — this is the core of the credential theft aspect of the malware. Indeed, each function steals the credentials of a specific software. For each software, i. The first function of the function table is not credentials oriented, instead it targets a specific identifier of the computer, HWID.

    As a ninja master would tell you, the last step of a mission is to delete all traces left behind before leaving. The malware uses exactly the same mentality. It creates a Batch file that executes after data exfiltration.

    Secret Princesses: Prize Pony Paperback

    This batch deletes the executed process and, consequently, leaves the computer clean — i. As this article shows, Pony is still active and is getting trickier and trickier. Although the main payload is clearly the famous Pony Loader version 2. Pony targets more than credential resources.

    Secret Beauty

    Having defense against the fundamental nature of credential stealers on the endpoint is the best way to prevent this kind of attacks. For example, solutions like the CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager can protect endpoint credential stores that reside in memory, registry or files. The solution also has the ability to block lateral movement like Pass-the-hash, Pass-the-ticket and more.

    With this product, it does not matter if the malware bypasses traditional security protections — critical resources are protected. Alero combines Zero Trust access, biometric multi-factor authentication and just-in-time provisioning for remote vendors accessing critical systems managed by CyberArk. Are you doing enough to secure business critical apps? CyberArk surveyed 1, IT and business stakeholders to find out.

    soilstones.com/wp-content/2020-01-13/2486.php View our dynamic infographic to see how you stack up. CyberArk Services offers the expertise to strategically deploy and build out a privileged access security program. Cyberark documentation for end users, admins and security professionals. We take that responsibility seriously. Trust indicators CyberArk labs used a Python script to decrypt the resources of the Pony sample [Figure 3].

    This technique is usually divided into 6 steps: Create a new process — usually a known and famous one like explorer. Those APIs release all memory pointed to by a section. Allocate new memory for the malicious activity via VirtualAllocEx.


    Resume target process so that the malicious code will be executed via ResumeThread. Figure 10 Return Far vs. Copy the generated file into ScyllaHidePlugin folder — which shouldcontain exe.

    Top 10 Easter Eggs in My Little Pony

    Get a success message [Figure 11]. Once Return Far is executed, go into the function and create the right syscall all.

    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret
    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret
    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret
    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret
    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret
    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret
    A pony for a secret A pony for a secret

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