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Hi, I'm in the process of picking out a new kit, and I've been pretty decided I want to get a Ludwig Classic Maple 3pc. I had thought I'd buy a new kit, but I was recently talking to this drummer at this show I saw extremely talented and experienced guy, definitely would assume he knows his stuff and was talking to him about it and he said "fantastic kit, what year are you getting?

On a side note, I really need a new kit cause mines falling apart, and I'm in a band that gigs multiple times a week so I need it soon, also I live in Mexico so the easiest way to get it is shipped down which all seems easier if I get a new kit. Unfortunately there is absolutely nowhere in or near my town to try different kits. So I guess my question is And would you go for the new Classic Maples or get maybe a cheaper kit like a gretsch catalina or something like that until I can take my time to find an awesome ludwig vintage kit, figure out how to get it shipped or maybe even travel and bring it back with me?

I really am not that picky for sound, I love the drum sounds of music of the 60's and 70's the best I'd say, but do the new Classic Maples really sound that different from that? I read somewhere that the Legacy's are similar to old ludwigs too Red Menace Platinum Member.

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Hollywood Jim Platinum Member. I would not buy this kit new to use for gigging multiple times per week. I'd buy something less expensive like the Gretsch Catalina or a newer used set of Ludwigs. I don't think vintage 60's 70's Ludwig hardware would stand up to gigging multiple times per week. The vintage Ludwig might sound a little better than a new set, but I'm sure the difference in sound would be lost when playing with a band. Unless you are playing soft jazz or something like that.

If you can, listen to any of the kits you want to buy. Your ears are your best advice. Some of the mojo of older vintage kits comes from the woods and glues used, the aging of woods over time and the vibe that they are 'old' or 'classic'. But a newer drum kit will definitely be better made. Where are you in MX? I wouldn't go with the Catalina's because it sounds like you already have your mind set on the Ludwigs. Also, I find the Catalina hardware to be lacking. I like and own 3 ply 64s, but I would go with a newer used Classic Maple if you are gigging a few times a week.

It also depends on the styles of music you are playing in regards to the hardware. I've never had an issue with my vintage hardware, but I don't play extreme rock or metal. Rosemarydrumco Senior Member. The classics have gone up a bit in price lately. I think they sound good, but not how I would spend 2k if I had it. They are pretty affordable and will probably sound like a mix of the old and new. That's what I would get if I was gonna buy new Ludwigs. I love the drum sounds of music of the 60's and 70's the best I'd say, but do the new Classic Maples really sound that different from that?

People who talk like that, without giving you the "why" to their statement Early Ludwig shells were thin, 3 ply with re-inforcement rings. The Legacy mahogany series covers that well. The shells Bonham recorded with.

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Helps immensely in their desirability. The Legacy maple replicates this shell. During , Ludwig switched to a straight, 6 ply shell. No re-inforcement ring.

1968 - Pontiac Catalina - Exterior and Interior - Retro Classics Stuttgart 2016

And the modern "Classic Maple" was born. Throughout the years, Ludwig has changed the number of plies For decades. That said I'd discount the "toys" comment. Straight shells will project more. That's one of the reasons why Ludwig changed it up, back in If you want that "vintage" sound The drums in my kit fall between For years, however, I gigged with 6 ply, straight shelled drums.

The Magician Vintage Classics. Cakes And Ale. Merry Go Round Vintage Classics. Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I thought that the first two-thirds of this novel was excellent. There were echoes if fairy tales with the least-favoured son proving the hero.

The story really lost its way after the young couple fled and their meeting with Don Quixote was the final straw. Overall disappointing. Good Maugham, as one would expect! Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

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As with all Maugham's stories you are led through a journey of human nature and it's foibles from which you can take great warmth and comfort. One person found this helpful. A good light read. A delightful book about human nature and the desire to feel one is getting one's own way. Format: Paperback. Catalina starts out as a sad and sorry girl, recently crippled by a runaway bull. Her life has gone into freefall as the boy who she loves has deserted her. We meet her sitting on the steps of the church in what turns out to be Spain during the time of the Inquisition.

Within a page or two she meets a mysterious woman who gives her a message. The result of that message could bring the beautiful Catalina to the attention of some very fearsome men. At this point of the story I expected a rather turgid exploration of medieval Spain. Instead, Maugham introduces a host of adorable characters, all of whom have very interesting motives for their actions.

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I fell in love with each and every one of them. The jilted-in-love, wise and royal prioress of the town's convent, the vain yet well meaning Bishop, the baker boy, the long suffering yet talented seamstress mother, the long lost Uncle, Domingo; all of them have their redeeming features. Maugham's Inquisitors are indeed terrifying, but they are also men with desires and and motives and dreams.

This book deals with sex and marriage in a very frank way, it deals with greed and the lengths that headstrong people will go to to get what they want.

Berry Fall Classics Catalina Dress

I found it all brilliant and very entertaining. It's a light-hearted read but full of memorable characters who are explored and developed in the style of Isabel Allende - full of flaws and woes and joys and love and laughter. Far from being turgid, this novel has a heavenly glow.

I've read most of Maugham's novels and short stories. For me he's a superb writer of shorter fiction and a very good novelist. This is definitely one of his lesser works. In short it was long on padding and short on real substance. Consequently many episodes within the story were laboured, so that the satire, if that's what it was, of the church, rather than being sharp, became a bludgeon. See all 9 customer reviews. Write a customer review. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Go to Amazon. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us.

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Catalina (Vintage Classics) Catalina (Vintage Classics)
Catalina (Vintage Classics) Catalina (Vintage Classics)
Catalina (Vintage Classics) Catalina (Vintage Classics)
Catalina (Vintage Classics) Catalina (Vintage Classics)
Catalina (Vintage Classics) Catalina (Vintage Classics)
Catalina (Vintage Classics) Catalina (Vintage Classics)

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