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Seek to delve beneath the obvious. Ask questions. The Tower and the Five of Cups reflect that powerful echo from the past, which comes to resonate in your world this week. Well, now you know. Vanquish this demon for good. This is the window of opportunity. The Page and Queen of Wands are your cosmic helpers this week, and they sweep in to give you some impetuous, spontaneous, risk-taking and bold energy. Set off a few not literal!

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I think you need to exercise great caution, and wield the knowledge you gain very carefully. Not everyone is as shrewd or well-adjusted as you, some people could cause a lot of trouble with just a little bit of what you know…. Beautiful dreams and wishes-come-true rarely just land in our laps, we have to go and make them happen through focus, intention and action.

The Nine and Eight of Cups reveals that a wish IS within your grasp this week ahead, and an important one, an emotive one. You may need to make a bold move in its direction, make your desires overt and clear, show your hand in this matter. The Universe will back your move, but it needs you to get the ball rolling, to ignite the energy. The irritations, unexpected consequences, petty comments or jealousies… they make you want to grind your teeth. Best advice? See the pesky bits as a game. Detach emotionally and play the game with an objective strategy and tactics. As the year darkens and start to draw to a close, many of us move into a more reflective and hibernating kind of mood- even you, Aquarius.

The Hanged Man shows you slowing down, and putting the brakes on any big new plans or activities- that can wait till The Six and Knight of Cups heartily agree with this strategy. Those we once held with great affection and regard, and who could well deserve a spot in our lives again. Expand the list! Invest your energies in making this winter a time to savour every moment, and make magic memories. It feels like the next decision you make could have long-lasting consequences and reach its tentacles far into your future pathway The Two of Wands shows that procrastination, but honestly Pisces, there is NO wrong choice, so please stop fretting.

Orion knew instinctively that his father was to blame, and stormed off to find him. His attack sent both Orion and Darkseid tumbling into the Source. In their surreal brawl, Orion took Darkseid's form and plunged a dagger into his own gut, to destroy the seed of his father's evil. Darkseid goaded Orion into lunging at him and they merged temporarily. Both collapsed from the trauma and Orion's Mother Box returned him to normal space. Darkseid was, by ordinary measures, dead. His absence sent shockwaves across Apokolips and his power Elite scrambled to outmaneuver one another.

Meanwhile Neron a demon from Earth seized upon the dissent to offer them their hearts' desires. Desaad, who was closest to the throne, squashed all resistance by impersonating Darkseid and appearing in public.

This left him essentially in charge. Underworld Unleashed: Apokolips — Dark Uprising.

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Orion actually lamented his father's demise and to his horror noticed that his body seemed to be transforming to become like Darkseid's. This disturbance threatened to waken a forgotten ancient entity called S'ivaa , who could devour the universe. After another public battle between Kalibak and Orion, Orion unmasked Desaad to the populace.

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Suddenly Orion writhed and was split in two — Darkseid emerged from within Orion's body! With Metron, they concluded that both Darkseid and Highfather must give themselves to the Source to reestablish the balance between dark and light, and send S'ivaa back to his eternal sleep.

But when they approached the Source Wall, Darkseid tricked Highfather into entering while he remained outside. Superman and Orion propelled S'ivaa into the Source Wall, where it was bound. The force of its impact sent Darkseid in as well, and he and Highfather were consumed by divine flame.

This restored the universe but fundamentally changed the Fourth World — Apokolips and New Genesis were merged into one planet! Darkseid and Highfather were not permanently imprisoned by in the Source Wall; they were able to send avatars of themselves into the material world. Tigra found the courage to escape her confinement and began plotting to install her son on the throne of Apokolips.

She warned Highfather that Darkseid had been killing gods across the universe and stealing their power, hording it for some impending catastrophe. Jack Kirby's Fourth World 2 Those aliens whose gods he'd slain gathered a great armada and prepared to attack Earth. The New Gods forestalled the alien attack and confronted Darkseid. They reached a truce, but Darkseid coerced Orion into killing the aliens anyway it was later revealed that Orion was merged with Desaad and thus, was more susceptible to Darkseid's command.

The event that Darkseid anticipated was the passing of the Godwave. This energy had been created by the Big Bang and spread out across the universe, seeding the potential for godlike power in the Fourth World and beyond. The Godwave had reached the outer limits of the universe and was now collapsing. Darkseid hoped to claim its power, 6 but he also feared cosmic regenesis — the coming of the Fifth World.

Earth's heroes formed a task force to head off Darkseid and prevent him from seizing the wave's power. Genesis 2 Highfather also prepared to confront Darkseid by allying with the gods Zeus, Jove, and Odin.

Ares feigned to join them too but betrayed the others. When they reached the center of the Source, Ares killed Highfather by spearing him through the heart. Jack Kirby's Fourth World 8. Ares beat Darkseid to the heart of the Source, and to the power of the Godwave. Genesis 3 Final victory was achieved when the telepaths of the universe linked all living beings together.


This separated the two worlds once again. Darkseid's Elite panicked again and Apokolips was in chaos. Its fire pits overflowed, making even more of its surface uninhabitable. Desaad feared a civil war but trusted that the shock troops would obey him.

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  4. Orion sensed that Darkseid was still alive in some way, within the Source Wall, almost as if he had become more powerful. Meanwhile Desaad and Metron formed an alliance to rescue Darkseid from the Wall. He convinced an ancient Promethean Giant, Prodigan , to take Darkseid's place in the wall. Desaad's workers completed a special mechanism but when Darkseid reached out to Prodigan, the god Mars stepped in and freed Ares instead. Darkseid's devoted assassin, Justeen Desaad's lieutenant ordered Tigra to be killed by Parademons.

    Orion 1 Tigra fought them off and escaped to Earth, where Orion discovered a town enslaved by the Anti-Life Equation — it appeared his father had finally mastered it. It was the final straw. Orion penetrated Darkseid's underground lair and challenged his father to a formal duel. Both donned armor for the contest 4 and were not allowed to use their powers. The brute force battle reached a stalemate and both collapsed. Darkseid broke protocol by activating his Omega power and Orion formed an opposing Alpha shield.

    It deflected the blast back on Darkseid, who was apparently destroyed again. Orion claimed the throne and was determined to liberate Apokolips with enlightenment, but those faithful to his father thwarted him at every turn.

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    Darkseid's mistress, Mortalla , schemed against Orion while she ingratiated herself to him. She claimed that she was human, stolen by Desaad for Anti-Life experimentation, and tortured. Afterwards she was remade in the image of Darkseid's lost love, Suli. He was suffused with the energy after destroying Desaad's laboratory for generating the same. Orion became possessed by the Equation and Metron was forced to ally with Darkseid , who was hiding in the Garden of Hope, deep within Apokolips.

    It was in hopes of staining Orion's soul by putting him in control of Apokolips and of a "Father Box. When Darkseid returned to his home, he confronted Justeen about killing Tigra. She was unapologetic and he was amused by her. He gave Justeen Desaad's post who had recently been killed by Orion. Superman's friend and ally, Steel, sacrificed his life to defeat the cosmic destroyer called Imperiex.

    Man of Steel Steel was spared by the Black Racer from proceeding onto the afterlife and he accepted an offer from Darkseid to wear the Entropy Aegis, a powerful suit of armor. The suit, however, put Steel firmly under Darkseid's influence. Man of Steel His body was bonded to the Aegis but Superman could not allow his friend to remain on Apokolips and staged a calculated attack on Darkseid. While his team Superboy, Supergirl, and the Eradicator kept the troops of Apokolips busy, Superman bested Darkseid in hand-to-hand combat. Superman offered him a deal: he would never reveal his victory if Darkseid would release Steel from the Aegis — and trouble Earth no more.

    Darkseid accepted and they went their separate ways.

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    Superman vs. Darkseid: Apokolips Now. DC's weekly series, 52, was such a success that they decided to stretch it out with a second weekly series, which would lead to the coup de grace , Grant Morrison's Final Crisis.

    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)
    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)
    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)
    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)
    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)
    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)
    Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2) Cosmic Dreams (Champions of the Universe Book 2)

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