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Ups, bist Du ein Mensch? / Are you a human? dictionary :: Roman German :: English-German translation

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Outsmart your opponents on every move they make. Lay traps for their troops and hold the prisoners ransom.

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Cooperate with your neighbors, form the backbone of your alliance and become a true protector of the people. Some leaders shape entire eras of history. Rise up to turn your alliance from a horde of warriors into an uncontested force.


A true leader doesn't sit in his castle waiting for the right moment. Use your charisma and diplomatic guile to sustain power, manipulate your rivals and hold your empire together forever.

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  • Don't just be part of the story. Tell it. This era is yours. Enter a story entirely told by a complex web of player actions. Travel a world so vast that it takes days for the fastest rider to cross it.

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    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition) Es: Roman (German Edition)
    Es: Roman (German Edition)

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