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When hogweed gets on you, it means business. The garden contains many beautiful killers, such as Laburnum trees , which have stunning yellow flowers, as well as deadly seeds. Aconitum aka monkshood is another deceptively deadly plant. It has pretty blue flowers and poisonous berries. The leaves, roots, and stems of acontitum can also kill you. It sounds like it's a plant you should stay away from altogether.

The fact that the Poison Garden is filled with literal poisons doesn't stop people from attending. Around , people visit the garden each year. Part of the point of the garden is to educate children on the dangers of drugs, and we have to hand it to the Duchess for coming up with a clever way to teach kids a lesson without letting them know they're learning. It sounds a helluva lot better than the D.

Since , the outdoor gear giant REI has gone the opposite direction of most retailers on Black Friday. Instead of slashing prices and advertising sales on the biggest shopping day of the year, REI has closed its doors, shuttered its online sales, and encouraged would-be shoppers to go outside instead.

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Employees are still paid as if it were a work day. For the past four years, the OptOutside campaign has taken people from crowds and consumerism to the simple joys of nature. But this year, they're taking the idea one step further. Through more than organized clean-up events , REI is asking people to "Opt to Act" for the environment. The age-old wisdom holds that a dog ages seven years for every single human year.

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Well, it turns out the age-old wisdom has some catching up to do. That's because scientists are now claiming that the way dogs actually age is more complex than we humans have previously thought. Researchers at the University of California now claim that dogs rapidly age in their first two years of existence, quickly evolving from puppies to the equivalent of human middle age.

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They then experience a rapid slowing of the aging process in their DNA until much later in life. Earlier this month, T. Yes, I go with her. No surprise, people found it weird and controlling.

Dead dolphin found in a garden that lies half a mile from the sea

The podcast episode has since been taken down, but the ensuing backlash is something T. The New York City subways can be miserable, but one Brooklyn-bound L train became a lot more festive when a pop-up Thanksgiving feast appeared onboard.

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It was like Friendsgiving, but the friends were strangers that you'd fight for a seat if it ever came down to it. It's nice to be reminded that New Yorkers can display a strong sense of community when the occasion presents itself. A table with a full Thanksgiving feast was set up in the middle of the car. Collard greens, mashed potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, cider, stuffing, and of course, turkey, were available to everyone riding the car. The table was even draped with a table cloth, making this subway Thanksgiving dinner a classy affair.

After a prayer, everyone on the train was allowed to eat. All in all, about 40 people were fed on the train. Follow Us. Stories Worth Sharing. Explore more. For People Who Give a Damn. Planet Innovation Design Culture Cities. Follow Upworthy :. Two hundred years of inbreeding among European royals IS to blame for a facial deformity known as the GoCompare is ranked the worst travel comparison site by Which?

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Can a pair of 'sun ears' really cure the winter blues? Half of us suffer from low moods in winter - now The deals aren't over yet! Cyber Monday is here with more dazzling discounts as retailers give one last push Pilot of unresponsive flight from Israel that sparked RAF sonic boom scramble which shook southern England Working as a full-time family doctor is so stressful it's becoming 'undoable', according to Royal College of Brushing your teeth three times a day could lower the risk of heart failure by reducing harmful bacteria in I'm A Celebrity: Kate Garraway, 52, showcases her two stone weight loss in a racy red bikini as she joins Boss of heroic catering staff who tackled London Bridge terrorist tells of his pride over their bravery Nigel Farage says London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan should never have been released from jail because he The treasured tusk from the unicorn of the sea: After its extraordinary appendage was used as an unlikely Jeremy Corbyn says convicted terrorists should 'not necessarily' have to serve all of their prison sentence My Facebook baby: Woman, 37, gives birth to daughter after winning a course of IVF treatment in online Avocados could keep middle-age spread at bay after researchers discover eating fruit daily can help you stay Lib Dem, Actually!

A terrifying glimpse of Corbynomics: rail strike is a chilling reminder of how UK could look under Jeremy Substitute teacher is fired after she tells a classroom of fifth graders that 'homosexuality is a sin' after Police force is slammed by campaigners after decorating Christmas tree with 'victim-blaming baubles' bearing Get a grip!

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The VERY entitled people who need a reality check - including a couple who complained their food Meghan Markle and Prince Harry urge their Instagram followers to reflect on the 'lonely, hungry and Meet the new cat burglars: Brazen new breed of thieves who steal precious metals from under your car They were inseparable for 57 YEARS - now, five months after the death of her beloved husband, novelist

Garden of Lies Garden of Lies
Garden of Lies Garden of Lies
Garden of Lies Garden of Lies
Garden of Lies Garden of Lies
Garden of Lies Garden of Lies

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