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Parshat Beha’alotecha (Numbers 8:1-12:16)

Fire Clouds Are As Terrifying As They Sound

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Atlantean Kodex - Enthroned in Clouds and Fire (The Great Cleansing)

So how do these form, why are they so dangerous and how are our scientists working to be able to predict them? In Australia they most commonly form in large and intense bushfire smoke plumes. The official name for clouds that form this way is 'flammagenitus' , but they're commonly known as pyrocumulonimbus. Image: Pyrocumulonimbus cloud forms above a bushfire in Tasmania, Credit: Janice James.

The intense heat from the fire causes air to rise rapidly in the smoke plume.

Pillar of Fire (theophany)

The rising hot air is turbulent and draws in cooler air from outside the plume, which helps cool the plume as it rises. As the plume rises to higher and higher elevations the atmospheric pressure reduces, causing the plume air to expand and cool even further. The condensation process causes latent heat to be released, which makes the cloud warmer and more buoyant and causes the cloud air to accelerate upwards.

Further expansion and cooling causes more moisture to condense and the cloud air to accelerate upwards even more. In the right conditions the cloud can accelerate into the lower stratosphere before losing buoyancy.

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Collisions of ice particles in the very cold upper parts of these clouds cause a build-up of electrical charge, which is released by giant sparks—lightning. Pyrocumulonimbus clouds can cause dangerous and unpredictable changes in fire behaviour, making the fire more difficult and hazardous to fight. These clouds can produce intense updrafts that suck in so much air that strong winds develop, drawn in from all directions towards the plume.

These can cause the fire to burn hotter and spread faster.

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The inflowing winds can cause nearby fires perhaps caused by spot fires or lightning strikes, see below to change direction unexpectedly as they are drawn in to the parent fire. Lightning can form in these storms, which can cause new fires. These winds can be strong enough to blow the fire in any direction, and have been responsible for deaths of fire fighters on a number of occasions.

Video: Time-lapse of pyrocumulonimbus clouds at the Sedgerly fire near Inglewood, Queensland in December Credit: Nick McCarthy. Being able to predict these dangerous clouds will greatly help in fire-fighting and emergency management—so our researchers, in partnership with the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC , are working to make this possible.

But the task is not simple.

Clouds of Fire: The Origin of Stars - Reading Public Museum

The formation and behaviour of pyrocumulonimbus clouds is complex and we are just beginning to understand it. To add to the complexity, predicting them will require new understanding of not just weather but also fire conditions and behaviour—two separate sets of variables.

For example, Pheidippides uses his newly learned logic to justify beating his father—which is totally not what Strepsiades had had in mind. So, apparently aware of the truism that you can only fight fire with fire, Strepsiades decides to extinguish the flames of Socratic learning by burning down the Thinkery.

He draws an analogy between this physical fire and the intellectual "fire" he's trying to put out when he tells one of the pupils what he's up to.

227.070 fire clouds stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

When the pupil asks for an explanation for the arson, he says, "What do you think? I'm engaged in a subtle argument with your house! See, get it? The joke suggests that fire is like a "subtle argument" Hmm, maybe we need to rethink our assessment of Strepsiades's intelligence, because that's dang clever and funny to boot. All rights reserved.

In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire
In Clouds of Fire In Clouds of Fire

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