Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition)

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Scherer's appeal with some alarm at first, and more amusement afterwards. The eminent critic of the Temps had apparently contented himself with turning to the half-titles of the plays and noting the dates given, which in ten instances do differ from mine. Had his patience been equal to consulting the learned editor's Notices , he would have found in every case but one the reasons which prevailed and prevail with me given by M.

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Marty-Laveaux himself. The one exception I admit. I was guilty of the iniquity of confusing the date of the publication of Othon with the date of its production, and printing instead of So dangerous is it to digest and weigh an editor's arguments, instead of simply copying his dates.

Had I done the latter, I had 'scaped M. Scherer's tooth. Scherer in this preface and I need hardly say still more those which occur in the body of the book with reference to a few others of his criticisms were written long before his fatal illness, and had been sent finally to press some time before the announcement of his death. I had at first thought of endeavouring to suppress those which could be recalled. But it seemed to me on reflection that the best compliment to the memory of a man who was himself nothing if not uncompromising, and towards whom, whether alive or dead, I am not conscious of having entertained any ill-feeling, would be to print them exactly as they stood, with the brief addition that I have not known a critic more acute within his range, or more honest according to what he saw, than M.

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Edmond Scherer. March 20, Mediaeval Literature. The Origins 1 Relation of French to Latin.

Influence of Latin Literature. Early Monuments. Dialects and Provincial Literatures. Beginning of Literature proper. Chansons de Gestes 10 Origin of Chansons de Gestes. Period of Composition. Chanson de Roland. Amis et Amiles.

Much more than documents.

Other principal Chansons. Social and Literary Characteristics. Style and Language. Later History. Range and characteristics. First Period. Second Period. Forms of Troubadour Poetry.


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Third Period. Its Origin. Order of French Arthurian Cycle. Chrestien de Troyes. Spirit and Literary value of Arthurian Romances. Romances of Antiquity. Chanson d'Alixandre. Roman de Troie. Other Romances on Classical subjects. The Esprit Gaulois makes its appearance.

Definition of Fabliaux. Subjects and character of Fabliaux. Sources of Fabliaux. The Roman du Renart. The Ancien Renart. Le Couronnement Renart. Renart le Nouvel. Renart le Contrefait. Early Lyrics 62 Early and Later Lyrics. Origins of Lyric. Romances and Pastourelles. Thirteenth Century. Changes in Lyric. Traces of Lyric in the Thirteenth Century. Quesnes de Bethune. Thibaut de Champagne. Minor Singers. Adam de la Halle. Marie de France. Serious and Allegorical Poetry 75 Verse Chronicles. Miscellaneous Satirical Verse.

Didactic verse. Philippe de Thaun. Moral and Theological verse. Allegorical verse. The Roman de la Rose. Popularity of the Roman de la Rose. Looser application of the term.

author and historian

Classes of Romans d'Aventures. Raoul de Houdenc.

Bibliography of Works Cited

Chief Romans d'Aventures. General Character. Last Chansons. Baudouin de Sebourc.


Jehannot de Lescurel. Guillaume de Machault. Eustache Deschamps. Christine de Pisan. Alain Chartier. The Drama Origins of the Drama. Earliest Vernacular Dramatic Forms. Mysteries and Miracles. Miracles de la Vierge. Heterogeneous Character of Mysteries. Argument of a Miracle Play. Profane Drama.

Profane Mysteries. Societies of Actors. Prose Chronicles Beginning of Prose Chronicles. Grandes Chroniques de France. Minor Chroniclers between Villehardouin and Joinville. Fifteenth-Century Chroniclers. Miscellaneous Prose General use of Prose. Prose Sermons. Maurice de Sully.

Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition) Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition)
Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition) Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition)
Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition) Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition)
Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition) Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition)
Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition) Les fausses innocences (Hors collection) (French Edition)

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