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The only thing that's more fascinating than the band's alternate recording history prove to be the alternate versions of Atomic Bomb songs that pop up on here, "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own" going through the most radical overhaul, here padded out with fluffy, distracting waves of distortion that rob the album version of all its emotional heft. When you add that to a remarkably toned down version of "Yahweh", we come to very strange epiphany about the World's Biggest Rock Band: U2 are better self-editors than we've ever given them credit for.

Yet amidst all these interesting nooks and crannies, there is one truly spectacular moment that's worth savoring: the "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own" B-side "Big Girls Are Best", which features one of the fattest, funkiest riffs that the band has ever done, easily putting their Kraftwerk cover "Neon Lights", a B-side to the "Vertigo" single to shame.

Hell, it even out-rocks "Get on Your Boots", proving that much like Noel Gallagher, sometimes its worth holding onto your B-sides -- they might be some of the best songs you'll have for some time. Yet as fun as Medium, Rare is, we're still not being given the band's complete war chest of rarities.

Grow your business.

Where's "Stateless" from the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack? Some fans have already gone to great lengths to detail what's missing from this whole post-millennial B-side bonanza, and they're right in feeling slightly cheated: how many more times are U2 songs going to be re-released in order to make a quick buck? At some point, the insanity has to end. When R.

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According to reports, Bono -- who was in the crowd -- shouted out "there's no such thing as B-sides anymore! Hearing the band's wild experiments -- as goofy "Big Girls Are Best" , surreal "Trash, Trampoline, and the Party Girl" , contemplative "Angels Too Tied to the Ground" , and propulsive "Fast Cars" as they are -- not only gives us insight into U2's creative process, but the songs prove to be thrilling and entertaining on their own, something which you usually can't say for most group's odds-and-sods.

If that disc of additional songs from the Horizon sessions that's promised for release by the end of proves to even as half as exciting as Medium, Rare is, then by all means, maybe Bono should re-think heckling R. In the '70s there was something sinister sneaking into suburban homes between the sitcom and the 11 o'clock news where the real horrors played out. A timeless artist and hip-hop legend, Kurtis Blow blazed the trail for early hip-hop artists and continues to carry the torch for hip-hop music in new arenas.

Atlanta's Sequoyah Murray has delivered one of the best albums of with his extraordinary debut Before You Begin. Electronic musician Markus Popp continues to make warm, creative and adventurous electronic music under the Oval moniker with his new EP, Eksploio.

Each track of ambient duo A Winged Victory for the Sullen's The Undivided Five captures the sound of two exceptional musicians drawing in deep musical breaths and then exhaling something of lasting ethereal beauty. Horizontal Collaboration , the superb French comic by Navie and Carole Maurel, reassesses the sexist biases of history. German electronic group Bersarin Quartett take their music up a level with their new album Methoden und Maschinen.

On their sophomore album, Trigger Hippy cement their reputation as a hard-working American rock band with a bright future. Co-founder Steve Gorman says, "This feels special and that's worth protecting. OMD's first three albums were crucial in the development of ambitious, intellectual, art-pop. They also led to the emergence of a whole generation of electronic pop groups that have continually influenced artists up to this day.

This is a film that one needs to savor and contemplate, a film that captures the tribulations of this world and the evanescent truth that lies beneath them. Black Marble leaves behind the obscure, lo-fi, and dim essence of the past for the brighter, more melodic, synthpoppy Bigger Than Life. On their first collaboration since , a meeting of experimental musical minds has produced an album full of quiet, off-kilter introspection.

RARE BOXED SET PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

Enjoy this excerpt, courtesy of Princeton University Press. The companion piece to Sunn O 's masterful Life Metal completes the most organic and minimal chapter in the drone masters' journey.

Although not as well known as John Carpenter or Brian DePalma, Fred Walton brilliantly complicates that old mystery -- is the killer in the house? After some adventurous wilderness time, Mikal Cronin builds on his indie rock style to draft a compelling new direction with Seeker. The Doors' fourth album was a deeply polarizing work and perhaps their most difficult to love. But the 50 th anniversary deluxe edition goes a long way in spotlighting its many highlights.

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Magdalene makes an unpredictable turn wherein FKA twigs traverses an introverted dimension of her vision through a minimalist perspective and a sense of controlled extravagance. In The Man Without Talent , Tadao Tsuge captures the element of fantasy reflected in the childish utopianism of free market capitalism and the committed entrepreneurs who are its happy-go-lucky evangelists. BAILE's "Winte" is a richly detailed electronic piece that sees him connecting the dots between the organic and the synthetic.

GreenDrop is one of the world's largest textile recyclers supporting the fundraising efforts of its charitable partners by generating and collecting clothing and household goods which are sold to various thrift stores. The proceeds collected by the charities from the thrift stores provide the critical funds needed to support charitable initiatives in diverse communities. This new mobile application developed by Rare Medium, directly supports GreenDrop's unique mission by allowing donors to quickly, easily donate items at any one of GreenDrop's locations and seamlessly receive critical tax information automatically delivered to the donor's email.

The application integrates directly into GreenDrop's Donor Management System to record key donor activity and provide critical business intelligence to GreenDrop's leadership team. Siemens Power Corporation provides power generation services in over one hundred locations across the globe. Their work includes maintaining tool inventories across multiple tool facilities throughout the Americas, as well as the assembly, shipping, and tracking of individual tools and tool "kits", used on-site for the maintenance and repair of hydro-electric and gas turbines.

They are also responsible for the associated billing for these tools. Rare Medium was engaged to build a comprehensive web-enabled tool inventory, ordering, shipping, tracking, assessment and billing system. Through extensive user research and business analysis, Rare Medium helped Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation create and integrate a standardized business process across their tool facilities.

This helps Siemens improve productivity and individual accountability and decrease errors across the enterprise, thus meeting their goal to reduce inventory loss and damage.

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series

Rare Medium built an enterprise Web-based tool control and tracking intranet system based on open architecture standards that provided authorized personnel with full visibility into their tool inventories. This system also allows customers to place job orders via the Web and view the status of their order and relevant shipments through fulfillment to the job site. As a preliminary engagement to the design and development of the Tool Control and Tracking System, Rare Medium completed extensive user research and process development activities. The Tool Control and Tracking System was tasked to standardize the practices of three different tool depots.

While it was known that the depots had vastly different processes, the specific deltas were never documented, and therefore could not be merged. First, each target user population was identified.

2 STEAKS Temp 1 CIRCULATOR - Well Done and Medium Rare in 1 Sous Vide Machine

Then, field research was conducted to understand each population's physical, technical, and organizational environment, across the three depots. Rare Medium conducted ethnographic research at each depot, shadowing users as they went about their daily activities, and documenting each depot's ordering, shipping, inventorying, billing, conditioning, and tool catalog maintenance processes through the eyes of the users.

We also conducted on-site and remote interviews, to better understand each population's inefficiencies and non-standardized and undocumented practices. Because of the wide number of user populations and their disparate locations, each focus group member served as an "ambassador" of the project, sharing the focus group findings with their colleagues, soliciting feedback, and reporting back to the group any concerns or suggestions uncovered.

Through an iterative process, Rare Medium produced a detailed set of revised workflows, which were vetted and approved by the focus group participants, as the representatives of the target user populations. These workflows then formed the basis of the resulting requirements, design, and ultimately, development work for the Tool Control and Tracking System.

Viceroy Hotel Group is a luxury hotelier with properties in city and resort locations across the globe. As part of a major expansion plan, they engaged Rare Medium to provide user research, user experience design, technology, and hosting services for a completely new web presence for their Viceroy Hotels and Resorts brand, as well as applying the new look and feel to their Corporate site. Rare Medium's research and user experience design staff conducted interviews with Viceroy hotel staff, customers, and corporate representatives at several Viceroy locations.

Learnings from those sessions formed the backbone of the information and visual design for both the brand and corporate sites. In tandem with user research and design activities, Rare Medium's technical staff evaluated several options for content management systems for the new site. Ultimately, Sitecore Web Content Management System was selected, based on its fit with functional, budgetary, and schedule requirements. Individual property websites allow each location to customize their content and messaging.

The website integrates with social media and Google Analytics and ties into the Synxis booking system. Currently the site is offered in English and Spanish, with additional languages planned. Rare Medium was engaged to redesign the website of Viceroy's Urban Retreats brand. Urban Retreats is a collection of luxury boutique hotel properties strategically placed in major urban locations across the United States.

Each location is very unique in architecture, style, ambiance, and decor, which presented a challenge when trying to unify them under a single brand website. Rare Medium's visual design team prepared multiple design composition options, working with Viceroy's eCommerce marketing and other staff to capture the spirit of Urban Retreats with a new brand landing page. To simplify site administration, layout and CMS templates created for the VHR redesign were also leveraged for Urban Retreats, but a new color palette provides a unique identity for each hotel.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, an international professional services firm, enlisted Rare Medium to augment their user research and user experience architecture team. This collaborative group was responsible for creating a new tax preparation workflow system for PwC's tax services group. During this initiative, Rare Medium provided user experience research, information architecture and user interface design services to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

User research included site visits to nine US cities, cognitive walkthroughs, heuristic evaluations, composition reviews, and extensive user story development based on ethnographic research of 12 user roles. Findings were translated into an extensive site architecture, a gap analysis, over wireframes and patterns documentation, all of which spanned a variety of complex tax workflow scenarios.

The timeline for this project was extremely aggressive and sprints were typically two weeks in duration.

Medium Rare Boxed Set Medium Rare Boxed Set
Medium Rare Boxed Set Medium Rare Boxed Set
Medium Rare Boxed Set Medium Rare Boxed Set
Medium Rare Boxed Set Medium Rare Boxed Set
Medium Rare Boxed Set Medium Rare Boxed Set
Medium Rare Boxed Set Medium Rare Boxed Set

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