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A point is earned whenever the opposing team cannot return the ball to the other side within 3 hits or when they allow the ball to drop to the ground.

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This is one way to win a volley. This is another way to win a volley. The point is only valid if the ball touches the ground within the painted boundaries. If the ball hits the boundary lines, then a point is rewarded to your team. If the ball is hit outside of the lines, then your opponents get a point. How to win a game Typical games are played until 21 points or 25 points. To win a game, a team needs to win by 2 points.

Therefore a game can continue past the maximum of 21 points or 25 points. This can happen if both teams are at 20 points, and each team scores a point after the other team scores a point. The team that win best two out of three wins the match. Sometimes games are played best three out of five. Volleyball violations. If a player steps on or across the serving line while serving the ball Players cannot contact the ball illegally.

Some illegal contacts include: double touching, lifting, carrying, and throwing A failed attempt to serve the ball to the other side of the court results in a point for the opposing team Whenever the ball is in play, any body contact with the net is illegal It is illegal when a back row player blocks. The player can only attack the ball if the ball passes the vertical plane of the net. Teaching Tennis Volume 1. Martin van Daalen.


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Play & learn Volleyball Play & learn Volleyball
Play & learn Volleyball Play & learn Volleyball
Play & learn Volleyball Play & learn Volleyball
Play & learn Volleyball Play & learn Volleyball
Play & learn Volleyball Play & learn Volleyball

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