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If you are looking for an easy going, logical, intelligent donor, Tao may be a good match for you! Arjun has an incredibly sweet and soft spoken nature. Every time he is in our office, Arjun personally greets everyone he sees with a friendly smile and a warm hello. Arjun is very handsome- he has a beautiful medium complexion that pairs well with his large, deep brown eyes and thick dark brown hair. He has a trim oval face with a square jawline, thick dark eyebrows, and an amazing, full smile.

Washington Law is 'First Step'

Arjun loves to stay in shape and keeps fit by playing handball. Arjun was a Dentist in India, and now living in the states, is studying to become a certified dentist here as well.

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He is extremely smart and well-spoken, which comes across the moment you meet him. Orion is super tall with broader shoulders and an average to slender build. He has a full head of straight, long, light brown hair that is usually kept in a low ponytail.

He has lovely blue eyes, a wide smile, a handsome square jaw line, and a short beard. His complexion is fair to medium with a few light freckles. Karl stands right at 6 feet with a fit and athletic frame. He keeps his brown, wavy hair short and stylish. His fair skin and light dusting of freckles brings out his bright blue eyes. With a strong chin and subtle dimples, he is a very attractive donor.

Karl is extremely intelligent, holding both a Masters and PhD, as well as being fluent in French. He currently works as an environmental engineer and project manager. His passions include being an avid piano player and playing chess. Karl keeps his body in shape by playing baseball, soccer, and lifting weights.

Why do some people need donated sperm?

He has an artistic eye and enjoys taking portrait photographs. If you are looking for someone handsome, smart, and athletic, Karl would be a great donor for you! Mendel is slender and athletic. He stays in shape by doing taekwondo, playing badminton, and running. He has a light olive skin tone and rich chestnut brown hair. His face is rectangular with angular features, a square jawline, large eyes, and dimples that are prominent when he smiles.

Sperm Donor with Serious Genetic Issues- The need for genetic testing of donors.

Check it out! Deciding to go for egg donation was not in every respect easy and the decision was and still is emotional.

However, when looking at our little child today, we know that it could not have been anybody but him. He is ours and we love him from the bottom of our hearts. It took us only three months from we first contacted Dr. Olga and the Team till I got pregnant. It has been a beautiful journey, that finally went both quickly and smoothly. After my long struggle with IVF cycles, I would like to encourage women who are longing to have a child, but struggling to get pregnant with their own eggs, to choose egg donation.

I wish that I had done it earlier, and saved myself from prolonged stress and sadness. We are now in the very happy place of being parents to a beautiful healthy baby boy.

Sperm donor is child's legal father, Australian court rules - BBC News

The joy he has brought to our lives can not even be put into words both for us and for our extended families. It has been overwhelming at times. After five attempts, and another year gone, there were no positive pregnancy tests, our hopes were growing thin. Luckily we got a meeting with Dr. Olga and her Team in Oslo. We decided to give it a try. So to conclude; after 5 failed attempts in the UK, round 6 in Dr Olga's Clinic produced my first beautiful boy, round 7 from the same batch of eggs at the same clinic, the 2 frozen embryos produced my beautiful twins.

Olgas treatment plan included a very detailed focus on the receptive conditions and the timing of the frozen embryo transfer. We were totally amazed as her work resulted in two healthy babies on the first attempt! I am typing this with one hand as our beautiful, healthy 6 week old baby girl is snoring gently in my other arm.

She is our world and we cannot imagine life without her. To contact Dr Olga and the Clinic is the best I've done. They are so incredibly caring and professional. I found the clinic very professional and Dr Olga a pleasure to deal with. Organising everything in the UK was very easy. I choose the egg doner myself, but did get some help from Dr Olga with the final decision. The protocol was explained very well with every aspect covered in detail for you to understand.

Being a Mum is everything I had ever hoped for and more and I am so grateful to Dr Olga and her team for all that they have done to give us our family. Our choice of which company was helping us by egg donation treatment was an easy one: we only want to go to Dr Olga's clinic. Annual appointment with a Therapeut general health checkup. Annual appointment with psychiatrist. I need sperm donation Questionnaire.

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I was not prepared to get a positive pregnancy test! Am I too old to become a mother? You don't need answers to all your questions! I feel a huge joy and gratitude The work you do at the clinic is so professional and you really look after every individual, both medical and emotional. Dear Olga, I have tears in my eyes reading your letter and watching the photos of your Team and Clinic above all I really admire you and your Team and all the hard work you have put into your new clinic!

After many years of trying, at two other clinics in Europe, I have finally had my kid I am so grateful for the professional team Olga has and the personalized treatment We have just arrived home from hospital with our healthy baby boy. We can't thank you! Thank you again: we are forever grateful!

Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts
Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts
Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts
Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts
Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts
Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts
Sperm Donors with Hearts Sperm Donors with Hearts

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