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Anand has some good reviews already chek them out. The thing is not a whole lot of programs not aimed at the professonal market use multi threading though you can assign tasks in some programs to diffrent CPU's. The thing is as soon as they do start using the power of both you will want a x2 when that will be is anyones guess but I doubt it will be sooner than a year from now.

The exception being the FX I guess. Unless you really overclock her. Could you give some examples or are you assuming? I'd love to know how many of the programs I use will take advantage of dual cores. SMP software true dual core systems will probably be in vogue and expand Or it might run on a single core You are not really going to go wrong either way one is just more expensive than the other in a year or two when more games are designed with two cpu's in mind there will in all liklyhood be someting bigger and better much like we are seeing in video cards.

Choose either and in all liklyhood you will be happy. I guess I should temper things with the idea that if money is no object get the x2. I am thinking on waiting for the "discount" X2 in Aug. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here.

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The entire Department of Justice and all of its domestic and international resources, powers, and contacts are in play. We are in mosques, churches, high schools, colleges, truck stops and every other conceivable spot for a lead. The U. Marshall's service to work with us in a joint DOJ effort. In addition, the FBI, on behalf of the orders set forth by the United States Attorney General, has alerted over three thousand six hundred sheriffs' departments and fourteen thousand police departments nationwide.

All of which have been enacted under the under the Patriot Act statutes. Anderson looks around the table. Essentially, Karen, we are investigating, watching, listening, and looking up the backside of this entire nation to protect it and its citizens, while still trying to uphold what is left of the constitution of the United States of America. Now are there any more questions? Early that Sunday evening David has just finished packing for the business trip to Seoul in the morning. He carries his luggage down the hall and into the living area and sets the luggage by the main entry.

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He sits down at the computer in the den to check and send last minute e-mails. Dana hears the computer audio prompt and comes out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel. She approaches David with a hug from behind and kisses him on the neck. She whispers in his ear, "I'm sure that you will have plenty of geishas to seek your attention while you're there, but you better not. David winces. They do not have geishas in Korea, that's Japan, and I'm quite happy with what I have right here at home, as long as you quit biting me.

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She coos, "You weren't complaining last night and this morning about my biting. He pulls her close to his neck. When is dinner? It smells great. Dana slaps him on the back of his head with the dishtowel. You sure know how to kill a moment. Dinner is in twenty-five minutes, King David. He did not mean to offend her.

You have kept me a little busy, you know. Dana leans out of the kitchen and responds wickedly sensuous.

And I mean big time, so get to steppin' on those e-mails of yours, because your baby is going to rock your world, so don't count on much sleep, you can do that on the plane. Nonstop, First Class. David types faster and says to himself aloud, "Well, Davie, old boy, it certainly does not suck to be you. That evening Ahmed is reviewing chemical equations and molecule schematics on his laptop. He has been working on his clandestine mission all day. He reviews chemical formulations and is calculating molecule schematic equations when combined.

He clicks to the next page and hits print and the new machine on the floor begins to copy his work. Ahmed reviews the document and smiles, satisfied that he is finished, creating his masterpiece. Ahmed knows that the man at the university will be pleased with his work. He places the papers in his backpack. He looks over at four large plastic bottles on the floor. Two are ammonia and the other is bleach, and there is a bag of large Ziploc freezer bags. An audio prompt on his laptop sounds off signaling an instant message has arrived for him.

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He has never received a message before. Ahmed panics and looks to the bottom of the screen to check the time the message came in, "Sunday seven fifty-nine P. Tuesday," and draws an hourglass next to it. Ahmed knows that this will be the only communication he will receive; the time has finally come for him to fulfill his destiny.

The freeway sign shows arrow transition to the right for Denver International Airport and Pena Boulevard.

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The driver glances in the rearview mirror at his passenger as he makes the turn toward the airport. That should give you a good two and a half hours for pre-board screening according to your itinerary, sir, and we should be fine.

David sits in the back with his shades on and his head is resting on the seat. Dana was not kidding about her pre-trip itinerary last night. David lifts his head to see where they are at and realizes the hassle he is about to experience at the airport. I get to stand in line for over two hours, in a human cattle drive with a bunch of pissed off people, and have some knick-knack rifle through my stuff.

And then, some TSA person is going to look at me like I'm some Mook, who is trying to get over on them. They arrive at the international terminal and the driver rushes to retrieve David's luggage from the trunk. David reaches for his carry-on bag and then his wallet as the driver checks in his luggage with a sky cab. The driver returns to see him off as David tries to tip him. David is surprised once again by his efficient assistant and shakes his head giving the driver the tip anyway. The driver smiles at his good fortune.

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A real class act, and a looker, too. David throws his carry-on over his shoulder and goes inside; he realizes that Adriana went out of her way to choose his driver in person. He enters the terminal to a mass of commuters moving like molasses running uphill in Minnesota in January.

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