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P53 — Swinger Diversity and Awesome Listeners. Hey there friends, We are excited to share with you an amazing episode, join us and listen in as we hear from 6 couples and talk about their lifestyle stories, We talk about diversity in the lifestyle, what different words and lifestyles people come from and how we manage to all come together as a community to be non judgmental and accepting in each other. There is not right or wrong way to be in the lifestyle, what works for you and your relationship is the right way and we hope to share that with you in this episode.

We also mention our upcoming Dallas trip on Friday 10th November you can join us at Colette in Dallas with Average Swingers, send us an email to candd swingingdownunder. Welcome to episode 52 where we discuss how to find and negotiate your swing style! What do you do when your partner is wanting something different out of the swinging lifestyle? How do you discuss and negotiate what is best for you both whilst meeting each others needs? How do you understand they why and what before moving forward to an agreement? We really appreciate all the support from the Swinging Community.

Friends To Lovers: First Time Swinging (Collection of Geneva O'Brien Book 4)

Gidday sexy listeners, Thanks for listening to episode 51 of the Swinging Downunder podcast, during this episode we talk Lifestyle Friendships and their evolution. P50 — A Gunt and a Toe, the difference is how deep you go! NIN with Average Swingers. Joining us for this episode:- Average Swingers: podcasters, home renters, lovers of New Orleans burgers.

Suggest to listen on a moderate to low volume as we get quite vocal laughing and taking the piss out of each other but mostly Jay We hope you enjoy! Hello poderinos! After years now 4 of being in and growing friends in the lifestyle, we finally get to one of the couples that rejected us because they thought we were too hot for them! They now know better We sit and have a chat on all things swinging, poly and learning from making mistakes.

They speak in charming accents and D and I just stick with our Aussie. We hope you enjoy! Hiya all!! P47 — Sex Drive and Restored Faith. Howdy there horny friends, We are back! This time we are talking about a few recent and relevant topics we want to share with you all, some are closer to home than others and hopefully help you and provide some insight into sex drive. We also chat about a recent swingers party in Singapore we attended and some veto from D on a new single guy.

P46 — Climbing, Cheating and the C-bomb. Hi there sexy friendly fun followers! Thanks for listening to another episode of Swinging Downunder, we hope you like our new intro music. C wants to hear from you ladies who have UTI issues email her on c swingingdownunder. Is cheating more accepted in society than swingers? Is cheating now about emotional ties or still just sex? What do you think?

Finally, and a big disclaimer about swearing we put some Aussie slang together for our good friends from Sydney to laugh and cry to.


Thanks to the Atoms for their recent cast about Aussie slang, we hope that you find our light hearted go at being an Aussie and laugh with us. Thanks for listening to another episode of Swinging Downunder, in this episode we talk about some recent dates we have had, being ghosted by a couple and some very sexy threesome events with dirty talk. Wondering what we have been upto recently?

We have had a few couple and single dates here in Singapore and have met a fantastic new manicorn for regular catch-ups! Finally the Swinger Gods have been looking down upon us and sending us fantastic sex vibes. C recently discovers that a bit of naughty talk in the bedroom is an extreme turn on and D has fun wearing his cock ring out to bars and clubs.

Before we delve too much into the sexiness of Swinging together we want to pay it forward and mention some of the podcasters that we often download and listen to, we have many more to share so please feel free to email us candd swingingdownunder. In this episode we chat with a bonifide Sexologist right here in Singapore Asia! Dr Martha Lee travels around Asia and Australia to host and attend a number of sex positive events, you can have a look at her website and check out if there are any events close to you. Given all the problems we have been having attracting single guy lately D decided it was time to give them some tips!

Hey there sexy listeners, Thanks for tuning in, we are excited to update you on what we have been up to lately as we swing our way around the world and take our adventures across multiple countries. What are we discussing today? He was an sexy gentlemen and certainly made it into the bedroom for some threesome fun. We share some interesting lessons learned on a recent failed swinger date and how to put steps into place to avoid these errors.

P41 — Thriller in Manila. Welcome to a very special episode, In this episode we interview a lovely couple who have just begun their lifestyle journey and have had their very first threesome experience in the past few days. We talk about what bought them into the lifestyle, what discussions they had before they arranged their first date and how the day and event followed. Sexy Married Secrets share with us the amazing journey they have already entered into and Mr T walks us through a very tough conversation with A about his sexuality as a bisexual man.

P39 — D goes the full Yoni. Hey there friendly sexy followers, In this upcoming episode C sends D on a little education session to learn the art of the Yoni Massage right here in Sex Starved Singapore.

10.595 friends swinging stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

D recounts his session with C for the first time and educates on some of the things that he learned during the class and some things that he already knew. Listen in and join us for another hilarious recount of our international swinging lifestyle right here in Singapore. Welcome to another episode of Podcast-A-Palooza where we interview, talk about, talk to other lifestyle friends and podcasters.

Swinging Bach - Bobby McFerrin & Friends noilimulob.tk

Off course we do this while taking the piss out of each other, the lifestyle and anyone else that falls within the shotgun pellets. We love it when our listeners ask us questions and give us a reason to let you know more about us! P36 — Being Rejected as a Swinger. Lets play catch-up! Our Singapore unit finally loses its virginity!!! Six moths too late if you ask us Join us as we do our debrief live for your listening pleasure. Also D complains about not getting enough emails lately. Check out www. I get to interview Hunk Hands and find out how my lady went during her Yoni massage.

Why hello there! C here, podcasting solo aka masterpodding on my recent experience with Mr. Hunk Hands here in Singapore. Did I say that I was on the edge of orgasm? Well now I may have given the game away…or did I?

Thanks to Hunk Hands for taking me through a very sensual, very sexy play time. We catch up with a local sex positive trainer who excites a conversation around squirting. D learns that his school Career Councillor was crap as we sit down for the first but not only time with the man who makes a living training men, help their ladies, and women how to squirt!

Mid-life career change is on the cards!!

A Swinging Summer's Evening With Peter Gill and Friends

C tosses up the chance of being a squirt model! If you would like to find Hunk Hands chat with him on his website hunkhands. P31 — Swinger Listener questions answered. But alas, you cannot hold us down for long, C has devilishly devised some listener questions and is ready to put D on the spot. We talk about some new toys that we have bought and having some experimental fun with your partner in the bedroom.

Have questions of your own, send us an email to candd swingingdownunder.

P30 — Swinger Couple Swap in Asia. We play with an amazing couple that titillated C by engaging her mind and expands her boundaries in terms of her age gap to the male. P29 — Male Body Image in the Lifestyle. Sorry folks, no sweet tones from C in this one!

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Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends Swinging with Friends
Swinging with Friends

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