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Mundi reported that the base contained medications, weapons, ship repair materials, and foodstuffs that would be of valuable assistance to desperate worlds. Unknown to the Council, Vos was secretly colluding with Dooku in order to discover the identity of Darth Sidious so that he could destroy the Sith Order. Vos leaked intelligence of the Republic raid to Dooku and planted explosives which destroyed much of the supplies in the asteroid.

After the failed asteroid heist and another failed raid on a Separatist listening post on Vanqor, Mundi took part in a Council emergency meeting to discuss Vos' treason against the Jedi. During the meeting, he cited Offee's actions as a sign that the Jedi had a problem with traitors within their own ranks. He supported Windu's suggestion that they should execute Vos as a deterrent.

When Kenobi recommended banishing him, Mundi argued that Vos posed a serious threat to the galaxy due to status as a highly-trained Jedi Master who had turned to the dark side. In the end, the Council decided to test Vos' loyalty by sending him on a mission to kill Dooku. Later, Mundi was present when the Council deliberated including Ventress in this mission.

Mundi supported Vos' arguments that Ventress should come along on the grounds that the Council had given her a full pardon. Ventress informed the Council that Dooku was last sighted in a Separatist dreadnought above Christophsis.

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The Council's suspicions were proven when Vos failed to kill Dooku and instead attempted to force the Sith Lord to lead him to Darth Sidious. Kenobi and the Skywalker apprehended Vos but the turncoat Jedi and Dooku escaped to Christophsis, leading to the events of the Second battle of Christophsis ; which ended in Vos' redemption. Ki-Adi-Mundi is shot to death by his own clone troopers on Mygeeto following Order Mundi was leading the Galactic Marines in a charge across a bridge on Mygeeto when Palpatine enacted Order 66 , and Clone Commander Bacara ordered the other marines to open fire.

Dropping his lightsaber, Mundi was riddled with blaster fire and fell to the ground, dead. Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Cerean male who had white hair , yellow eyes , light skin and a height of 1. Like other Cereans, he was highly intelligent due to his binary brain, which allowed him to observe both sides of a situation simultaneously. Mundi had a tendency to refute unlikely events. However, after her innocence was proven and the real traitor apprehended, Mundi joined his colleagues in offering to reinstate Tano into the Order, praising her efforts to prove her innocence and stating that she had shown the "true sign of a Jedi Knight.

Mundi was a lightsaber expert, possessing at least some skill with Makashi.

While he was ultimately killed in the encounter, Mundi was able to deflect several shots and kill two of his troopers before they killed him. The design for what eventually became Mundi began when Star Wars creator and executive producer George Lucas asked McCaig to draw sketches for alien characters to be featured on the Jedi High Council. In doing so, McCaig experimented by drawing some unusual parodies of the elderly Obi-Wan Kenobi, including one with whale-like features, and an elongated head with ridges along the back of the neck.

The concept was ultimately not used in the final film. Ki-Adi-Mundi was portrayed by Silas Carson in all three prequel films. Carson originally auditioned for the supporting role of a fighter pilot role, but the character was eliminated from the script a few days after the audition. In addition to appearing on-screen, Carson also performed Mundi's voice, mimicking that of an elderly man who speaks slowly and deliberately. Lucas did not give Carson any backstory from which to build his performance as Mundi, but simply left it up to the actor to create.

Upon learning Mundi would be fighting in that film, Carson worked out a great deal before filming began to get physically fit, and claimed he was even outrunning some of the stunt performers. For these scenes, Carson decided that although Mundi appeared slow and frail at normal times, he should be fast and strong while fighting, although the actor struggled to maintain the balance between those two different aspects of the character. Ki-Adi-Mundi is shown with a green-bladed lightsaber, while he has a blue lightsaber in all other scenes.

Mundi is the only sitting Jedi High Council member other than Yoda and Windu to have a speaking role in the final cut of the first three films. The character uses a blue-bladed lightsaber in every other shot in the film, including those that come immediately before and after that particular shot. This scene did not appear in the final version of the film, but the rough cut and animations later became available on the official website for registered Hyperspace customers.

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According to the illustrated screenplay of Revenge of the Sith , Mundi was intended to be blasted by Bacara and his troops before having the chance to defend himself during Order Ki-Adi-Mundi was voiced by Brian George in the series. Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Mundi : " Sixty-five, Skywalker. So what do I win? I have dealt with him before, I can do it again. You will be turned over to the Republic court to await your trial, and whatever punishment they will set for you.

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Henceforth, you are barred from the Jedi Order. It has outlasted the fall of republics and empires. It has outlasted the schemes of all those with big ambitions and small minds.

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  • It will outlast your First Order too. To me, he looks part Native American and part European, and he's got a wonderful, wise face. Once I'd seen that design, I had a pretty good idea of what he should be like. You get the feeling that he is kind of like your uncle, because he's this nice, kind, wise, protective master. I always think that way of him. Evening Herald : p. Edinburgh Evening News : p. However, you do know that the puppy has grown up in the correct conditions, so it is worth paying that bit extra. Clearly, if you were in Hungary, then the price would be substantially lower than it is in the United States or the UK since supply and demand is different.

    One of the most important things for you to do is to find a reputable Mudi breeder whenever possible. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to help with all of this and make your life substantially easier. First, the Kennel Club should spring to mind, and you will discover that they tend to have a list of breeders that they trust which is what you want to find out for this breed. If they have any contacts, and they pretty much do for any kind of dog that you can imagine, then they will be happy to help.

    Another option is the Dog Breeders Association for your country as they can also have a list of those breeders that they would recommend. Throw in Mudi groups, and you will start to see how finding those breeders with the best reputation will not be as difficult as you think. As Mudi puppies have pretty much been restricted to within Hungary, there will be so many different things that you will simply not know about this breed.

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    The Mudi is used as a mountain rescue dog in Finland as they can cope with the low temperatures and are also very easy to train. As another sign of how good they are as a working dog, they have the ability to herd up to sheep at any given time. This shows just how intelligent they are since not many dogs could come anywhere near this number. To show just how rare the breed is, there are only a few thousand of the breed in existence, and the majority of them are in Hungary. They are very rarely found outside of the country. At first glance, this can come across as being a slightly scruffy dog due to their hair being slightly wavy and curly.

    They do also come across as the same kind of build as a Border Collie with an average sized head and a long muzzle. Their hindquarters are strong in nature and their feet are quite small in size compared to the rest of them. However, their legs, in general, are slender but muscular providing them with the speed that they require in order to herd. Their coloring can often be quite muted while some can be completely black and others with white or various other shades thrown into the mix.

    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi The Complete Guide to Mudi
    The Complete Guide to Mudi

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