The Great Texas Hamster Drive

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The Hamster Drive

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This was his first. Go watch his youtube videos. Very well put together and not at all borning.

BB peers around objects, so there has to be some mass unrelated to the pendulum. To keep the diagrams simple and easy to understand I decided to ignore the independent head movements and focus just on the drive systems. The counterweight is for minimizing the amount the head upsets the body. That was his first version, it worked, but not very well. Maybe the head just has more than one position. I skipped drawing in the head movement mechanisms in favor of keeping the drive systems easy to visualize.

For the axle type you could have the head on a separate post that has its own counterweight and motor. The counterweight is for minimizing the affect of the head on the ball since when the head is forward, that would tend to tilt the ball forward. Also, technically all of the drive systems mentioned move the ball with the same principle of the pendulum.

The wheels drive the mass up the wall of the ball and gravity pulls it back down levering the ball forward. Controlling it is harder than I expected; it could easily start tumbling, especially when trying to turn.

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Also turn radius ended up very long. I like the remove control. I started a build log here on Hackaday. I have more information on the entire system on my old website. I aim to do some vision processing and implement a basic AI. The latest step was powering the Pi Zero which replaced my custom ARM board design by wireless induction power. Hi Steve! Fantastic article. The detail and illustrations are great! As I was reading through the article that exact concept came to mind and like all good ideas I got the last comment and someone had beaten me to it :.

All of the designs work by causing a weight imbalance relative to the balls outer surface contact.

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Can you explain further? The whole Inner surface of the sphere is covered in electromagnets. These magnets pull a heavy inner ballbaring about, which shifts the weight making it move. Some controller, as well as a gyro, would probably be needed to work out which electromagnets to use when.

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Head is a separate wheeled unit individually accelerometer controlled. The problem, well one problem, would be identifying and controlling how fast to move the mass to enable a closed loop control system. Neat idea. I had to look up delta robot to see what you meant but before I did I was thinking you might have meant a walking robot, which is another neat idea. But the head is even more difficult to do there.

With the delta robot you could still have a post going up from the delta to magnets to manage the head. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Learn more. Hamster in hamster wheel. Discusses how to write a tall tale, from how to get started to learning the tricks of the trade. When the sun doesn't rise one morning, the King of Sweden contacts Paul Bunyan and asks him to find the cause of the catastrophe.

An account of the legendary American folk hero, Paul Bunyan the mythical lumberjack hero who found no job too big or too small to handle, and his Big Blue Ox, Babe. Recounts the life of the extraordinary lumberjack whose unusual size and strength brought him many fantastic adventures.

Paul Bunyan and his friend Babe the Blue Ox are inseparable, whether out of doors, at school, or at home. Paul's and Babe's hankering for pancakes- and more pancakes and nothing but pancakes- soon overwhelms Paul's mom. When Pecos Bill's daughter gets two pet hamsters, they soon multiply into the hundreds, so Bill decides to take them all to Chicago where lots of boys and girls want pet hamsters. Based on Disney's short. School officials conducted an investigation and ultimately found, "by a preponderance of evidence," that new members of the Texas Cowboys were subjected to " multiple forms of hazing , including physical brutality, physical activity, forced ingestion of unwanted substances, coerced consumption of alcohol and degradation" during the new member retreat on the night of Sept.

The following morning, several Texas Cowboys members were involved in a car accident while driving back to Austin. A new member, Nicholas Cumberland, was injured in the crash and died from his injuries a month later.

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  • Cumberland's family contacted the University of Texas at Austin in mid-November to raise concerns they had regarding the student organization and the recent off-campus retreat, prompting the investigation. Cumberland, 21, was in the fall semester of his junior year when he joined the Texas Cowboys. His family provided school officials with group text messages obtained from his phone and a shopping list of items new members were apparently instructed to bring to the retreat location, which is referred to as the "ranch," including a live chicken, live hamster, gallons of milk, bottles of hot sauce, large quantities of food, tobacco and copious amounts of alcohol, according to the report.

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    The Cumberland family told school officials several members of the Texas Cowboys informed them of hazing activities that took place at the retreat the night of Sept. School officials subsequently conducted interviews with dozens of university students who were listed as new and active members of the organization, including three students named by the Cumberland family, according to the report.

    During the interviews, members stated they were forced or coerced to chug a gallon of milk and consume cat food, spam, hot sauce, minced garlic and whole onions. Members, including several under the legal drinking age, were also forced or coerced to drink alcohol, including "finishing a bag of wine and shotgunning beers," according to the report.

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    Members were allegedly subjected to various physical activities, including playing football and doing the so-called Oklahoma drill during the game, as well as going into the cannon's trailer and being dropped off a distance away from the off-campus retreat site to find their way back together.

    They additionally said they participated in relay races, barrel rolls, bear crawls and human wheelbarrow races and worked on throwing football passes to hit people with accuracy, according to the report. Members stated they were subjected to degradation, including having chips and mustard poured on their shirts before competing in the relay race, according to the report.

    One new member was coerced into "biting the head off a live hamster" at the retreat, which members stated has been a tradition of the Texas Cowboys initiation process for years, according to the report. Meanwhile, per the report, active members who were also in fraternities branched off separately during the retreat and engaged in hazing behavior directed at their own fraternity brothers who were new to the Texas Cowboys, including beating them with a wooden stick or a paddle.

    The Cumberland family told school officials they were informed their son, who was an active member in the Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter at the University of Texas at Austin, was paddled during the Texas Cowboys retreat and still had "significant, specific bruising on his buttocks nearly a month after the retreat and car accident," according to the report.

    In October, the Texas Cowboys Alumni Association launched an internal investigation into the student organization that apparently centered around the retreat and the subsequent car accident.

    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive
    The Great Texas Hamster Drive The Great Texas Hamster Drive

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