The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1)

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They soon find out that the usually placid Keftiu can deal very effectively with anyone who causes trouble. As Thasos grows up, he becomes aware that there is a very dark and troubling underside to this world. Finally his life is placed in terrible danger when he falls under the spell of two of the island's most powerful women: Britomartis, the Goddess of the Hunt and Pasiphae, the Moon Maiden of Cnossos. Sucked into the island's dark, labyrinthine underworld, with no prospect of escape, a terrified Thasos is forced to make a very dangerous choice.

The Moon Maiden brings the fascinating, long vanished society of Minoan Crete back to glorious life in a fast-moving tale of love, ambition and betrayal.

Product Details About the Author. Both keen travellers, they have - between them - lived in such far-flung places as the USA, South Africa, Germany, Greece and Turkey - as well as Portsmouth, Manchester, Wellingborough and Watford where for some years they owned and ran a large second-hand bookshop in the high street. In they moved to the island of Jersey. They first met when living on another island, Crete, and they have long been fascinated by things Cretan.

The Moon Maiden and, indeed, the whole Cnossos trilogy is an attempt not so much to revive a vanished ancient world as to convey to the reader our sense of a timeless, mystical essence about Crete that is indefinably special - which perhaps explains why, in Minoan times, the island was sacred. Show More. Average Review.

Uraeus from a royal crown, Dyn. 18

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In a mining community came to terms with the existence of a terrifying horror. Over years later a troubled London police officer, Alex Caine, is transferred to the sleepy village of Red Meadows. Her country life and the investments This is the story of a bewitched prince and the lovely maiden who learns to This is the story of a bewitched prince and the lovely maiden who learns to loves him.

This classic Norwegian tale collected by Peter Christen Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe has: hags and heroism, magic and mystery, a curse and a Highest bidder: samantha thomas. Her father is away working in the city, and when the money he sends stops suddenly, a wicked aunt arrives. She was born in India close to the Himalayas on the family farm.

Her mum told her that she was born in a stable which all her brothers and sisters think is very funny! On the farm they had lots of animals including a grumpy camel and a monkey called Oma who they adopted and became part of the family. This is when her uncles and grandma her majee would tell stories. Even though she was only a baby, it was those nights that gave her a love for the magic of stories.

When she was one and a half her family moved from India to Nottingham. But India was kept alive by continuing to talk about the farm and all the funny things that happened there during big family feasts. As a young girl, Jasbinder always loved writing. Kindly donated by Jasbinder Bilan. Nicky Black. Highest bidder: Tracey McNichol. But Detective Chief Inspector Peach is closing in on him, and his dreams of a better life are beginning to slip through his fingers.

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DCI Peach finds it all a nuisance, a waste of his force's time, until he finds his teenage daughter unconscious at one of Tommy's raves. Then the chase becomes personal, and his need to make Tommy pay becomes an obsession. The Rave is a fast-paced, gritty portrayal of life on the edges of society at the end of a decade that changed Britain forever. Geordie criminals divide and rule their territories with a mixture of fear, threats and violence. Nicky Black is a collaboration between two friends, Nicky and Julie, who have known each other for over 20 years.

They both had careers in urban regeneration back in the 90s, working at the heart of disadvantaged communities in the North East of England. During that time they experienced the real grit and struggle of peoples' every-day lives, as well as their humour and determination to lead a happy existence, whatever that meant to them. Julie's scripts have provided the blueprint to Nicky's creation of two novels, both set on the fictional Valley Park estate in Newcastle. Together they've created a winning formula, bringing a new voice to Geordie crime fiction.

Nicky was brought up in Alnwick, Northumberland and worked in Newcastle upon Tyne for twelve years before moving to London in Julie is a born and bred Geordie, and still lives in the Toon. Kindly donated by Nicky Black. Malorie Blackman. Highest bidder: Sally-Anne Bedford.

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    Kindly donated by Malorie Blackman. Fanny Blake. Highest bidder: Fiona Hornby. Amy, Linda, Kate and Jane were best friends at school. Now, years later, they have grown apart. When Amy discovers her husband has been stealing from her successful interiors business, and with a milestone birthday looming, she decides it is the time to reach out to her old friends once again. So, she decides to invite the other three to her beautiful villa in Mallorca for a reunion weekend. As the four friends gather, secrets are unearthed, old scores settled and new friendships forged.

    Will this holiday bring them together or tear them apart? And will each of them grasp their second chance for happiness? She is also the commissioning editor for Quick Reads and a book reviewer. Kindly donated by Fanny Blake. Rachael Blok 2 books. Two years ago, Ben Fenton went camping with his brother Leo. It was the last time they ever saw each other.

    By the end of that fateful trip, Leo had disappeared, and Ben had been arrested for his murder. Ben's wife Ana has always protested his innocence. Now, on the hottest day of 's sweltering heat wave, she receives a phone call from the police. Leo's body has been found, in a freshly dug grave in her own local churchyard. How did it get there?

    The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1) The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1)
    The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1) The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1)
    The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1) The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1)
    The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1) The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1)
    The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1) The Moon Maiden (The Cnossos Trilogy Book 1)

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