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A year after the fall of Satyam Computers, the co is up and running.
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ET Bureau. A year after B Ramalinga Raju scripted the fall of Satyam Computers, the company is up and running, under a different, able management, but the investigation into the scam meanders on. The new owner, Tech Mahindra, was selected in record time.

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However, the government should, instead of resting on its laurels, focus on the unfinished agenda. For one, the pace of investigation into the scam has been slow. The Central Bureau of Investigation CBI is yet to prove its assertion in the second chargesheet that the promoter siphoned off money from the IT firm, which, if true, would be the core scam. Expediting the probe will require better co-ordination among various agencies and regulators. Two, the trial in the Satyam case by a special court should begin without delay. Three, the government must change the law to make statutory auditors and independent directors more accountable.

The role, rights and duties of auditors have been defined in the Companies Bill to ensure they maintain integrity and independence of the audit process. This is a welcome move and the government must ensure speedy passage of the Bill. Four, early warning systems should be in place to detect frauds. Here again, the government has signalled its intent and this should translated into action. Five, shareholders in India should be allowed to file class action suits against errant promoters. Again, the Companies Bill provides for class action.

But safeguards must be built to prevent its misuse. We also need legal protection of whistle-blowers. This would mark an end to the unholy nexus between corporates and the political establishment , which is widely held to be a reason for the slow progress of investigations into the Satyam scandal.


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  5. briefings - august 3 & 4;
  6. Become a member. Mail This Article. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Only by changing the rules can they succeed since the majority of Americans, when they eventually wake up, do not see their goals as, well, all that American. Thus the word reform is inserted whenever the truth is in danger of coming out. How successful have the extreme right zealots been?

    Consider the make-up of the Supreme Court and its decisions, especially Citizens United, that has opened the floodgates for inviting an oligarchy to the head of the table. The newest supreme court judge was chosen by the Heritage Foundation along with many other lower court judges as well. Consider the complete frozenness of congress to pass legislation or govern. MacLean warns that our accustomed mindset and surely that of the media where we still think in terms of Republican vs. Democrat is so outdated and knee-jerk that we are not seeing what is truly underway.

    Matthew Fox. Is what we are observing a new cult, a new version of religion where mammon rules? Instead, he serves on a task force on reforming the US Department of Education. It employs more than three times as many people as the Republican committees had on their payrolls in Orthodoxy is a must; heretics are to be banished. To do this it is necessary to disenfranchise voters and to delegitimize labor unions. To underscore the current relevance of this book consider that in early February Donald Trump was forced to withdraw his nominee to oversee the Council on Environmental Quality, Kathleen Hartnett White.

    Who is White? They are legion; and they keep coming, not unlike the demon that was chased out of a human by Jesus only to end up leading pigs over a cliff. Another goal, that corporations take over the public domains of schools, prisons, western lands, infrastructure and more is well underway. Though at first Trump and the Koch brothers were not in synch, it seems they are both marching to the same drummer now.

    These have to go; or at least be converted to individual savings accounts. Recall the summer of when a kind of reality show of Obamacare haters took to showing up to scream and shout at town hall meetings. Shouting against Obamacare is a three-for-one, with racism integrated into this unholy trinity. What is their medicine? Board of Education.

    Co-opting Jesus Christ for Unholy Purposes By Robert Knight

    When the word got out to voters about what it all meant, they retired their idea temporarily. Now it is back in vogue and out of the closet. Believe me, I too am a fierce critic of American education and have spent forty years trying to offer alternatives though my solutions have nothing to do with vouchers. I recall a shocking moment of truth when I asked the head of the accrediting body of WASC about twenty years ago what it would take to garner accreditation.

    We gave it to an evangelical college in southern California in six months when they arrived at our doorstep with five million dollars. This book rips open the veil which is covering up what is really happening in Washington—and it is far deeper than President Trump whom the media fetishes and fixates on breathlessly ; or the Republicans vs the Democrats; or left vs.

    There is a strategy, albeit stealth, at work. Subsequent references to this book are in the body of the article. Project: Reinventing Education, Reinventing the Human.

    Co-opting Jesus Christ for unholy purposes

    And my autobiography, Confessions: The Making of a Post-Denominational Priest which reports on the alternative pedagogy I have employed for some forty years of educational programs for adults and for inner city youth. The psychologist and genius Otto Rank, author of the classic work Art and Artist, said that if you want to know the soul of a nation go to its architecture first. Notre Dame de Paris and the entire gothic revolution of the 12th century Renaissance that it encapsulates along with Chartres Cathedral 30 miles beyond Paris , tells us much about the soul of France. And our own souls.

    It was my privilege to live and study and undergo some searing history in the shadow of Notre Dame during my three years at the Institute catholique de Paris studying the history and theology of spirituality from Notre Dame was a witness to such revolutions as she was to the French Revolution two centuries earlier.

    She was also witness to the energetic presence of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin as they learned at the feet of French intellectuals in a critical time of the birthing of America and its vision for a certain form of democracy. In what way does Notre Dame reveal to us the best side of the French soul?

    Chartres contains one of the most celebrated Black Madonna shrines as well.

    1. Claiming His Own (Mills & Boon Desire) (Billionaires and Babies, Book 39);
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    8. The goddess in the Middle Ages represented the poor, the outcast and the marginal ones. That is why she was so popular. Another fine example of the French soul at its best is the gift that the French made to the United States which we know as the Statue of Liberty. This is a philosophy radically different from the one that is currently busy at American borders caging children and separating kids from their parents and seeking to close border gateways to asylum against victims of violence and crime and poverty much of it caused by global warming and American actions in Central America.

      Paris also bore witness just a few years ago to the COP21 Accords, an effort to bring all nations together to confront global warming and the demise of Mother Earth, Gaia, as we know her. While it was imperfect, it was a start and America signed on though sad to say a recent presidency and its enablers seek to exit this promise of a future for our grandchildren and future generations.

      Insurance Fraud Investigator, No#1 Insurance Investigation Services in Australia

      But that exit, by those still married to denial and afraid of facing reality, cannot happen legally until Future, less in-denial administrations, might still heed the call and suffering of Mother Earth and join anew. The goddess that Notre Dame represents is not a sentimental feminine but a fierce feminine, one that will and does stand up to injustice be it environmental, racial, social, gender, gender preference, or economic.

      She sees what is going on, she sees Reality. Notre Dame de Paris is one such work—with many, many expressions of creativity at its best. Consider the stained glass. Thank heavens much of it was spared.

      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)
      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)
      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)
      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)
      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)
      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)
      Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2) Unholy Draught (Bogus insurance investigstions Book 2)

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