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With a loss of sales through newsstands, The Daily Herald is innovating.

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What's Up With That? Am I muscular or just fat?

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Find out in the back of a truck Get tanked in the fat-mobile. Bob the kaleidoscope master spins reality thousands of times The Lynnwood artist, 84, is known worldwide for the scopes he makes at his home. An update on a Flat Earther, a woodchopper and drummers The characters in this space stumbled into love, a Netflix movie deal, potato chips and a drumming debut.

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Whidbey Island. Oh, crab! Permission to be loud: Drum club is a hit with kids An elementary gym teacher with donated drums knows how to channel all that fidgety energy. Cheez Louise! Philly cheesesteaks on a busy corner in PNW March 24 is a national day for soft bread with juicy meat and oozy cheese.

The future of newspaper stands is digital, sort of Who carries coins around anymore? For the holidays panelist Mike Tyson wants to talk about his image but Diondre is a bit more concerned with singing his theme song again. This is where we get the best cutaway chorus… a handful of little dancing Diondre Coles we particularly love the dude in the middle.

While this sketch does have one of the only obvious flubs of all the airings Kenan misses his queue headed into the third song , the energy is such fun that even Iron Mike gets into the popping and locking at the end. Airing 4 — March 6, Guests: Paul Rudd and Frank Rich Paul Rudd might be there to talk about the Oscars but this sketch contains the absolute silliest musical guest walk on as host Zach Galifiankis lays down some killer fluting floutist?

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This sketch also ranks so high because it also contains one of the silliest references to pop culture as Abby Elliot comes in breaking it down as baby Jessica, the little girl who was trapped in the well all those years back. Presidents as Diondre Cole promises. However, in a backstage clip of the show Hader actually does do a rundown of said list.

Guest host Maya Rudolph is the musical guest and steals your spotlight as Sabrina Spotlight. Airing 9 — December 15, Guests: Samuel L. Jackson and Carrie Brownstein This was the final airing of the sketch save for it appearing briefly in an SNL 40 music montage. Perhaps because Samuel L.

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Jackson dropped a few curses live on the air? Some masters of song are panelists on this sketch which delivers a California Raisin dance.

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  • What we need to state here is that there are no bad versions of this sketch, just some that are more over-the-top and more absurd than the others. Sometimes the oddness of the panelists make you chuckle because of the pairing, or the musical drop-in is just more ridiculous than others.

    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?
    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?
    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?
    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?
    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?
    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?
    Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That?

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